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Professional line of HDPE welded workboats.


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From 4 to 10 meters 


Soon in production! The worlds best HDPE folding boat that will keep all compatitors far behind. Build for professional use. Look out for this!! Distributors are welcome to register.



Innovation in the rotomolding business makes it possible to produce boats (and other items) up to: 50ft / 15 meters!! 

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Navy rotomolded PE prototype build by Widmer exceed all expectations.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Poly (HDPE) boats

Why should I buy a Poly boat?
Because this is the one and only go anywhere, no problem boat, safe and with a lot of advantages.

How tough can a poly ”plastic” boat be?
In some country’s people can not beleive a poly boat is much stronger than all other boats. This because they are not used to this material as a boat material. They have seen cheap childeren toys made of plastic and think this is the same material. It is not!! Our manufacturers use high quality polymere, specialy developed for extreme marine circumstances. Polyethylene has taken the top in all kind of industries and high quality products. For example: bullet proof jackets, ballistic shields (swat, police), ballistic panels (armoring: cars, helicopters, boats, etc.), mililtary helmets and much more. Still not convinced? Ask a poly boat owner what his experiance is.

Will direct sunlight affect a poly boat?
The plastic compound is manufactured specifically for the construction of these boats. This material is UV stable and has a UV rating of 11 which is much higher than most other plastics. For example, a wheelie bin which spends all its time in the sun and outdoors, only has a UV rating of 2.

Are these boats also tough enough for the hard Tropical conditions?
Yes they are. These boat are made for the most extreme conditions. In South America and the Caribbean we have real tough conditions and these boats are the best to widstand these. Also in other regions with almost the same conditions, Poly boats are known as the best boats money can buy.

What about warranty?
All our boats will be sold with an excellent warranty up to 10 years. This only if the boats are sold from an official supplier. We can help you with this information.   

Can I repair a Poly boat myself if it is damaged?
Yes you can. A heat gun and some poly welding rods is all that is required. If you are not quite the home handyman, we recommend the services of a professional plastics repairer, such as a car repairer who specializes in repairing plastic bumpers etc.

What is the process to make a HDPE boat?
1- rotation-moulding or roto-moulded or rotomolded:
Rotational-moulding is a munufacturing process by filling plastic granulates in a hollow iron- or aluminium mould. An exact amount of the granulates are pored in the mould and then placed in an oven at 250 c, were the caster are rotated on two axels. The powder will always drain to the bottom of the mould were as the movement distributes the melting plastic all over the mould. When the powder is dry, the mould is moved away for cooling and the finished product is cooled of at the wanted temperature. Our brands; Pioner, Steady, Fun Yak and Polytech are roto-moulded boats.

2- Thermoforming:
Thermoforming is a munufacturing process for thermoplastic sheet or film. Specifically, it is more of a converting process, where plastic sheet or film is converted into a formed, finished part. The sheet or film is heated in an oven to its forming temperature, then stretched into or onto a mold and cooled.

3- Welding 

Are there a lot of poly boats sold in the world?
In many regions poly boats are the number one in smaller boats up to about 23ft. The most selling manufacturers in Europa and Australia are manufacturers of poly boats. The polyboats marked is growing fast. More and more people are getting confinst on the quality of Poly boats.

How long have poly boats been made?
The first roto-moulded polyethylene boat was manufactured in Norway in 1959 by the firm Cipax. SAMBoats is the only and exclusive representative of there brands (Pioner and Steady) for South America and the Caribbean

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