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Professional line of HDPE welded workboats.


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From 4 to 10 meters 


Soon in production! The worlds best HDPE folding boat that will keep all compatitors far behind. Build for professional use. Look out for this!! Distributors are welcome to register.



Innovation in the rotomolding business makes it possible to produce boats (and other items) up to: 50ft / 15 meters!! 

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Navy rotomolded PE prototype build by Widmer exceed all expectations.


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Very stable: Most of our poly boats offer the maximum stability. Why? Stability depends on the hull design. These boats can be moulded in any hull model and this material is also strong enough to handle all hull types. Even a Cathedral hull boat for shallow water is possible with this material.

Quiet ride: The flexibel (and mostly dual) wall hull absorbs both engine noise and the noise of the hull against the water. The result is a quieter ride and a more enjoyable day on the water. Even the fish and wild animals will not hear you come.

Soft and dry ride: Poly boats feature a unique, soft ride. The hull flex to absorb the impact of the waves, just like the shock absorbers on your car. Reducing bone jarring wave chop into an exceptionally smooth and dry ride.

High loading capacity: All our boats have a high loading capacity. This because of the high buoyancy and (in many cases) the unique hull design’s.

Doesn’t get that hot in the sun, like most other boats: This “cool” material does not absorb the heat like an aluminium boat does.

Unsinkable and save: HDPE floats combine with the fact that many dual hull Poly boat are foam filled giving it positive buoyancy even when loaded to capacity. All these boats will even stay on float when they are cut in two parts. A poly boat is the only boat you will never find on the bottom of the sea!!


High buoyancy:
HDPE has natural buoyancy and will float unaided when placed in water. The unique dual wall hull construction traps air in the cavities between the walls and helps contribute to buoyancy.

Lightweight: HDPE is amazingly light, in fact lighter than water enhancing its buoyancy as a boat material.


High puncture resistance: PE is a bullet proof material. Used in bullet proof vests, armoured vihicles, ballistic helmeds and ballistic shields. Do I have to say more?



 bullet proof boat material
Shot gun from 4m didn't penetrate the polyethylene  PE shield, helmed & vest
















High impact resistance: With five times the impact resistance of fiberglass, these boats are the strongest in the world. Wind, waves, reef or rocks, poly boats are build to withstand anything mother nature trows at it.

strong hdpe diving boat

This would not happen with a poly boat

UV resistant: Poly boats are manufactured from UV stabilised marine grade HDPE is designed for extended use in direct sunlight. The colour is part of the material so your boat should retain the original colour and will never need painting.

Long live span: We have seen poly boats from 35 years old and still perfect. Two things that will never pass away: weed and plastic.

Environment friendly: Each Poly boat hull is 100% recyclable and no emissions are generated during manufacturing.


Maintenance free: HDPE is very easy to maintain, clean and repair, never need waxing, polishing or gel coat/paint touch-up to preserve their appearance.
In addition, it is also less susceptible to marine growth than other alternative materials used in boat building.

Easy to repair (if ever needed): Damaging a poly boat is almost impossible, but if it happens you can easily repair the boat with a heat gun and some poly welding rod’s.

No problem with seams or welds: The unique hulls are manufactured in one piece. There are no seams, no welds and no joins, so the hull is extremely strong and durable.

No electrolysis: HDPE is an inert material that is not affected by electrolysis that may be found in aluminium boats.

No osmosis: HDPE is an inert material that is not affected by osmosis that can affect fibreglass boats. In the harsh marine environment a Poly boats will keep looking good longer.

Lot of financial advantages: A poly boat is a smart investment. You will use a lighter (cheaper) motor, less fuel, no maintenance or repair costs and a longer live span.

Excellent warranty: All boats come with a exellent warranty up to 10 years.



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