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Professional line of HDPE welded workboats.


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From 4 to 10 meters 


Soon in production! The worlds best HDPE folding boat that will keep all compatitors far behind. Build for professional use. Look out for this!! Distributors are welcome to register.



Innovation in the rotomolding business makes it possible to produce boats (and other items) up to: 50ft / 15 meters!! 

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Navy rotomolded PE prototype build by Widmer exceed all expectations.


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best boat choice


Our boats give maximum value for your money. All boats are made of an exceptional strong (bullet proof), flexible and self lubricating material what makes them stand out in their range. Look and compare!!

These are the boats of the future and we hope to convince you, like all our satisfied customers. Convince yourself and experience the advantages our boats will provide.

In Indonesia they have experienced that only boats made from this material are capable to survive a Tsunami. 


Some important features:

 Very stable
 Soft and dry ride
 Doesn’t get that hot in the sun, like most other boats
High buoyancy
High impact resistance (almost Indestructible)
UV resistant
Maintenance free
Easy to repair (if ever needed)
No problem with seams or welds (one piece hull)
No electrolysis (aluminum problem)
 Quiet ride
High loading capacity
Unsinkable and save
High puncture resistance
Long live span
Environment friendly
Lot of financial advantages
Excellent warranty
No osmosis (fiberglass problem)

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tough boat, the toughest boats in the world



What makes our boats so much better than other boats?
The secret is a special composition of HDPE (high density polyethylene). This high quality and tough material is made for all (and even the most extreme) marine circumstances and situations. Think about water with: rocks, tree stumps, coral, etc. Also high and low temperatures, shallow water, strong currents, big waves, etc.

Formerly this material was only used for white water canoes, but now with the new technologies also used for boats in categories up to 50ft. And we have the best for you!


 bulletproof boats                 Environment friendly boats, green boat, Eco boat, Enfironmentally friendly, SAMBOATS. 

F.A.Q. about HDPE (poly) boats


why a polyethylene boat




In our assortment we have:  
(sport) fishing boats, sport boats, dinghy’s, work boats, recue boats, recreational boats, and more.

Our customers are:
recreational users, (sport)fishermen, hunters, government departments, (rescue) divers, rental company's, resort companies, water taxi companies, ambulance services and a lot more other professional users.

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With the largest poly boat collection in the world

we definitely have the boat you are looking for!!



The strongest boats in the world - SAMboats

Strong Boats - Tough Boats - Poly Boats


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